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The Art of Justice - The Broadcast of Theatre for Justice 20170510

The Art of Justice - The Broadcast of Theatre for Justice 20170510

May 10, 2017

Online promotional posts indicate the "Long Term Effects of Undisciplined Emotions" is this week's topic on The Art of Justice.  But did you imagine that listening would help you understand why solidarity among average Americans seems more likely to manifest through mob action or "group think" than community organizing for critical social reform?  

Our host, Sarah Roche -- Creative Director of Theatre for Justice, scientist, and spiritual counselor -- tracks us through the avoidable journey from external stimuli to over stimulation to mental, physical, and spirtual disease.  It's a process leaving us highly individualized; less and less able to bond with other people and function as part of a community, whether in a traditional or expansive sense of that word.  

What does all this mean and what are the implications for attaining peace and justice on a local, regional, national, and international basis?   

Listen, and plan on joining us when we take up the discussion on another broadcast of The Virtual Round Table, namely, Change of Venue.  

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