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Change of Venue - There’s due process, but are you getting it? 20170712

July 12, 2017

This week's Change of Venue broadcast introduces us to the recently founded National Strategy and Management Board (NSMB).  Attorney Zena Crenshaw-Logal* and Dr. Andrew D. Jackson, our COV co-hosts, are both NSMB members. So they switched hats a bit and let NSMB President, Retired Police Chief Gordon L. Wiborg, Jr. take the broadcast helm and introduce us to the NSMB as well as a few of its 12 members.  

We learn that the NSMB is an arm of National Forum On Judicial Accountability, a proponent of maximizing direct citizen oversight of America's judiciary.  

Learn how NSMB will oversee and help guide America to appropriate judicial accountability, primarily by encouraging coordination, collaboration, and mutual support among our country's most productive and promising U.S. legal system reform advocates.

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