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The Cyberspace Railroad - Forging a Path to Liberty and Justice 20170928

September 29, 2017

ARE WE THERE YET?  Not quite, says attorney Bryan Bullock, host of The Cyberspace Railroad - Forging a Path to Liberty and Justice.  That's his assessment of America and whether it has in fact become a Police State.  This broadcast is the latest in a series defining a police state by its trappings of hyper surveillance, militarized police, agent provocateurs, and the like.  

Attorney Bullock begins Fall 2017 for The Virtual Round Table, examining the circumstances pursuant to which America could be formally transformed into a police state.  And the sad news is that "Consent of the Governed" may be what ushers it in for our country.  Learn all the alternatives as Bullock explores them one by one on this broadcast and more to come.

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