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Your Extended Family - Working on Pro-family Family Courts 20170208

February 8, 2017

Join Huffington Post writer and family rights activist Stephen L. Krasner as well as U.S. legal system reform advocate Zena Crenshaw-Logal, J.D. for their debut broadcast of Your Extended Family - Working on Pro-family Family Courts.  This week Stephen and Zena explore a topic they will both be addressing at an upcoming conference:  They consider how U.S. family courts contribute to the extended separation of fit parents from their children.  The anticipated conference addressing dysfunctions and malfunctions of U.S. family courts will go beyond considerations of ethical breaches and legal system corruption. But this week's broadcast begins to make clear that concerns about judicial training, family court funding, conscious and subconscious judicial biases, universal rights of parents as well as children, and so on are much like rivers feeding into the ocean of U.S. legal system corruption.  And don't forget to comment, share, and like!

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