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February 20, 2017

Bryan on spending US money in the US rather than outside: Guns or Butter?

Bryan on Environmental Racism: Reviving the Fight Against Environmental Racism

Bryan fought the Federal and State Governments policy of casting aside civil, legal, constitutional, human, and treaty rights whenever it does not suit their purposes. Instead sold out ethics, denial of due process, retaliation, annoymous accusers, and many similar tactics are substituted in an ultimate macabre third degree. Representative is Bryan's habeas counsel pro bono service for the "enemy combatants" tortured endlessly at Guantanamo Bay aka "legal black hole": Closing Guantanamo: The Need to End Indefinite Detention

Bryan's blog on how Black, Brown, and Indigenous civil and legal rights are not guaranteed and instead subject to the whims and moods of the ones in power. These "lesser" groups also contribute and pay the higher costs of the Imperialism, War-Mongering, and Policing policies. Their demands are met with militarized police, weaponized money, and scorched earth tactics:  Bryan K. Bullock's blog